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Free Republic

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Supreme Master Ching Hai

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Out of Body Experiences

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Drug Forums

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Pyramid Conspiracies


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No Fap


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Episode 12: Free Republic

So, look: Ted Cruz is an elected official. That means that there exist people in this world that are shitty enough humans to vote for a man like him. In fact, there are many of them, and not just in Texas! Entire majorities of states voted for Rick Scott and Scott Walker! It even happens in our godless little metropolis; New York elect Rudy Guliani TWICE. So, who are these people? Where do they come from? We might not know where they come from, but we sure know where they go: Free Republic. The bois take a look at modern conservatism. Joe gets bent out of shape about design things and John flaunts his ignorance of grunge music. Remember the Benghazi 4.

Episode 12

Episode 11: Supreme Master Ching Hai

Embrace your master. Her name is Supreme Master Chiang Hai. She's a weird as fuck 64-year old vietnamese woman with caramel dyed hair and some sort of veganism kick. She loves you so much and has a lot to tell you. She's God's Direct Contact on Earth, but maybe that doesn't mean so much because she can help you be better than God or something. Anyhow, joining us is Supreme Master Chiang Hai's Direct Contact, Igor, long term listener and first time podcaster. A few draughts of John's hearty podcasting juice and he fucking murders it. Seriously, you won't believe it.

Also, for the first time in ever, the levels are good. THANK YOU SUPREME MASTER?

Episode 11

Episode 10: Survivalists

We turned off John's salamander's filter so no more soothing water effects. Speaking of water, get ready to horde that shit in a serious bug out situ. This episode is devoted to survivalists, but we're not afraid to get personal. Joe talks about HIS dad. John tells a rambling story about his famous uncle. There is a discussion about women's post-apocalyptic fashion and a discussion about what a bae should wear. Don't be a lazy cricket and bump this, OK?

Episode 10

Episode 9: Out of Body Experiences

R.I.P. Pistol T. Joe and John make the best of a bad situation and figure out just what the heck is going on in the astral plane. Normies might not get it, but those of well-attuned to the RTZ (Real Time Zone) can work together to figure out the color hierarchy of the dracos and see what exactly the government's been hiding from us. Just hope they didn't touch us and shit.

Episode 9

Episode 8: Feeders

First week without a technical difficulty in a long time, so, uh, sup and sorry dudes. This week we investigate the decidedly NSFW world of Feeders, Feedees and everyone in between. Gorge on our hilarious piping hot takes, and stuff yourself silly with our high caloric wit. Yes, of course this episode gets a bit gross, but, duh, humans are gross and terrible and anything that gives us boners is wrong. Sorry.

Episode 8

Episode 7: Drug Forums

"You can't die if you're high." Join us as we explore the drug forums, home to horny thoughts, musings on addiction and marvelously impotent rage against dads of all stripes. We've got a game to play, some old favorite bits return, your boys discuss political correctness and most importantly, the sound works. We told you we were hardcore.

Episode 7

Episode 6: Pyramid Conspiracies

An unusually John-centric episode [ed: "unusually"]. Learn about history with us as we explore the bizarre theories about who, actually, built the great pyramids of Egypt and what kind of strange powers they hold for shaving, fruit preservation and for your own, personal, orgones.

Episode 6

Episode 5: Otherkin

It's our last podcast of 2014, and we really fucking goofed. Sorry to all the cool human/sex-bear hybrids out there that we didn't get to because we were too busy getting incredibly drunk and not turning on the mic. Short episode with extra Terry narration. Oh, and BTW, all that said etc, it's fucking fire and you should bang it right now.

Episode 5

Episode 4: Redpill

Finally, a podcast for every dude: from the basic blue pill betas to the legendary and dangerous sigmas in our midst. Are you ready to learn the truth about women, feminism and the incipient matriarchy? Take the red pill with September 2000 and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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Episode 3: Bigfoot

His names are many. His powers are unspeakable. Starmaster, wise one, boss of the mountain. yeti, sasquatch, skunk ape -- Bigfoot. This week, we learn a lesson about / from mankind's closets cousin / alien ambassador / telepath. We also discuss the ethics of sasquatch killing, politics among bigfooters, innate psychic abilities of giraffes, and other topics relevant for your weak ass little life. We love you. Rate us.

Episode 3

Episode 2: No Fap

Yeah, we back in the cut. This week, Terry made us explore the awful world of the fapstronauts, who avoid masturbation for a lot of crazy reasons. Expect a lot of frank discussion about cumming and an explanation of the phrase "blue petals." Live ur life in hard mode, nothing below the waist. 

Eww, here's Episode 2

Episode 1: Infowars

September 2000 is dead. Long live September 2000. We're back after a 1-week hiatus with a brand new format and two new permanent co-hosts, the ineffable Terry Bancel and John McCarroll. We're restarting our episode count and updating the site too, so check back all the time, okay?

Our inaugural episode is an exploration of the collective psychosis of the Infowars Prison Planet forums. Finally, you'll be able to understand what your racist uncle is talking about at Thanksgiving, provided that you, too, are completely batshit. Pay special attention to our new "bits." We're super proud.

Say "yes" to the ep, the new Episode 1

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